Making Peace Visible

WSPS was conceived as a global series of symposia, bringing journalists and peacebuilders together to explore and reimagine the way the news media covers peace and conflict.

Our work began in April 2018 with our first symposium at the New York Times Center, engaging over 400 journalists, peacebuilders and thought leaders in a vibrant exchange of ideas.


In-depth conversations with key players on the frontlines of peace efforts and the journalists who report on them.

Film Series

Every month, the Peace Docs series will feature compelling documentary films on peace and reconciliation, selected in collaboration with the Global Peace Film Festival. Interviews with the filmmakers will play on the podcast.


WSPS is creating online and in-person events designed to serve the informational needs of our key audiences of journalists and peacebuilders, and to share insights on the challenges of covering peace.

Our Mission

So much of the news we consume every day is focused on violent conflict. If we looked at the world through a wider lens, we would also see people working hard, and often at great personal risk, to reduce conflict. These are the stories we are missing; these are stories War Stories Peace Stories (WSPS) seeks to highlight.

WSPS connects and supports journalists and peacebuilders through webinars, podcasts and other engaging events, to ensure that crucial under-reported stories are written and shared worldwide.

With planning for in-person symposia in Washington, D.C., Brussels, Bogot√° and other cities on hold due to the pandemic, the WSPS team began enhancing its web presence to create a centralized hub to engage with and serve our unique audience in promoting broader awareness of the power of peacebuilding.

By connecting peacebuilders and journalists, and providing a space where the former can share first-hand accounts of their work, we believe WSPS can help connect the necessary dots to elevate compelling stories of people trying to achieve reconciliation amid violent conflict.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with leading media and peace organizations from around the world.

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