The War Stories Peace Stories Symposium explores the potential that a good story has to enhance prospects for peace and nonviolent alternatives in reporting conflict around the world.

Join the conversation.

War Stories Peace Stories aims to inspire new stories. Peace stories. Stories of heroes and leaders and ordinary people pushing back. Stories of mercy and forgiveness, resistance, persistence.

Stories of peacemaking in the face of overwhelming odds. Peace stories that are as powerful as war stories can be.

This symposium is a much-needed opportunity to dig into the work of storytelling with a passionate group of leading journalists, activists and peacebuilders.

Spend the day with us and come away inspired, renewed, and full of new ideas for new stories.

If you are a journalist you will leave with powerful examples of how reporting directly impacts peace, ideas for finding great stories in difficult areas, and techniques for enhancing the impact of your work.

If you are a peacebuilder, you will learn how stories can affect peace efforts, how to engage with journalists to bring peace stories forward and how you can tell your own stories more effectively.

Re-connect with old friends and make new contacts with editors and peace organizations.

War Stories Peace Stories is a special project produced in partnership with Peace Direct and Spectrum Media, in consultation with the project’s sponsors and supporters and a number of key advisors and partners organizations.

PHOTO: UN Photo/Helena Mulkerns
Peace doves fly on the grounds of the historic Hazrat-i-Ali mosque, in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.