Kessy Martine Ekomo-Soignet

Community Leader,  URU

Geo-politician by training, Kessy is a community leader, peacebuilding practitioner and founder of URU, a youth-led organization leading projects to increase effective engagement of and support for youth in locally-led conflict prevention and reconciliation efforts in CAR.

She is also freelance consultant and worked on field surveys and data analysis on issues related to youth, community security and recovery and access to information on the CAR Special Court for the population.

She has been appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as an expert for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security, as mandated by Security Council resolution 2250 (2015). She also serves as peacebuilding expert and focal point for the British Organization Peace Direct in Central African Republic. She completed the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders in 2014.



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