Our History

WSPS was conceived as a global series of symposia, convening journalists and peacebuilders to explore and reimagine the way the news media covers peace and conflict. As part of a growing ecosystem of organizations and individuals, WSPS will highlight effective ways to tell stories about peace efforts of all kinds all over the world. WSPS is committed to making peace efforts more visible to the global public.

Our work began in April 2018 with a symposium at the New York Times Center, engaging over 400 journalists, peacebuilders and thought leaders in a vibrant exchange of ideas. In recognition of the hugely positive impact of this inaugural event, WSPS was awarded the 2019 Luxembourg Peace Prize in Peace Journalism.

WSPS has started an important and fascinating conversation about peace and conflict, and how these dynamics are captured by the news media. This 90-second video excerpt of our 2018 War Stories Peace Stories: Peace, Conflict & the Media symposium previews what we hope will become an ongoing global conversation. The conversation continues with our podcast, Making Peace Visible.