Scott Stearns

Scott Stearns

Scott Stearns

Managing Editor, Africa Division | Voice of America

Scott Stearns began his international career freelancing for the BBC and the Associated Press in the Liberian civil war. He wrote for The Economist and The Jerusalem Post before joining VOA’s Africa Division in 1993.

As Nairobi Bureau Chief, Scott covered the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko and the Ethiopia-Eritrea border war. He spent eight years as the White House Correspondent during the presidency of George W. Bush. As Dakar Bureau Chief, Scott covered the fall of Laurent Gbagbo and the peaceful transfer of power in Nigeria. He served as the State Department Correspondent during the tenures of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Scott is now the Managing Editor of VOA’s Africa Division, which produces multi-media content in 15 languages for more than 68 million Africans a week. He is a recipient of the Cowan Award for Humanitarian Reporting for coverage of famine in South Sudan. Scott has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University.


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