What We Do

Current Projects & Projects in Development

WSPS Podcast – Making Peace Visible

In-depth conversations with key players on the frontlines of peace efforts and the journalists who report on them.

WSPS Film Series – Peace Docs

Every month, the Peace Docs series will feature compelling documentary films on peace and reconciliation, selected in collaboration with the Global Peace Film Festival. Interviews with the filmmakers will play on the podcast.

WSPS Newsletter – NUANCE

We’re in the process of creating NUANCE, a publication that will focus on the challenges of writing and publishing stories about peace efforts, with articles and essays contributed by skilled journalists, peacebuilders, communicators, and others.

WSPS Events

WSPS is creating online and in-person events designed to serve the informational needs of our key audiences of journalists and peacebuilders, and to create a space to share insights on the challenges of covering peace and conflict. We are planning our next WSPS Symposium in Washington, D.C. for the fall of 2023.

The Annual WSPS Pitching for Peace Grant Competition

To encourage and support journalists to write stories about peace efforts, we created the Pitching for Peace grant competition in 2018. Journalists from all over the world pitched stories they wanted to write in competition for grants from the Pulitzer Center. We hope to revive this annual competition as part of the symposium we are planning in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2023.

The Annual WSPS Story Awards for the Year’s Best Stories on Peace

Journalists are writing compelling stories about peace, and we want to celebrate them once a year at the annual WSPS Story Awards for best stories on peace. WSPS is planning to collaborate with a leading university journalism program to host an annual award for exceptional reporting on peace and conflict.